Scholarly Events

Research Seminar Series

May 4th, 2006 Special Seminar on Technological Innovation: “Design Reuse in Manufacturing and Services” Co-Sponsored by ITE and the Department of Management
by Professor John Ettlie, PhD Director & Professor of Business Administration, The Technology Management Center, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Past Events

February 23, 2006 Distinguished Guest Lecture Co-Sponsored by ITE, the Department of Management, and The Othmer Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies:
The Power of Model-Driven Business Transformation
by David L. Cohn, Director, Business Informatics, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

December 8, 2005. ITE Co-Hosts: Topfer Chair Public Lecture Series;
The DIOR Procedure, a knowledge-based risk management process
by Prof. Bertrand Munier, CNRS, France, Bklyn Campus.

Research Seminars on Current Scholarship in the Management of Innovation, Technology, Information and Electronic Business.

April 29, 2003. Research Seminar: Prof. Yair Berson, Polytechnic University.

December 6, 2001. Research Seminar: Prof. Panagiotis Damaskopoulos, Polytechnic University.

February 16, 2000. Research Seminar: Prof. Jonathan D. Linton, Polytechnic University.

January 31, 2000. Research Seminar: Prof. Christopher L. Tucci, NYU Stern School of Business.

November 30, 1999. Research Seminar: Profs. Mel Horwitch, Mihir Parikh, and Nina Ziv. Polytechnic University.

October 25, 1999. Research Seminar: Prof. Michael Cusumano, MIT Sloan School of Management.

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